Vedic chanting is an holistic practice which affects our whole system and can bring change physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Last week I explained the physical benefits and now this week I want to describe the positive effects of chanting on our energy levels.

Chanting the mantras of the Vedas is a dynamic practice that builds vitality and well being.  In yoga, the term we give to this vital energy, that is present in all beings, is lifeforce. It maintains all living things, and helps our bodies to grow, move and function. It also regulates all of our conscious and unconscious bodily functions.

Chanting, in particular, lengthens our breath and when our breath is long, it has a positive impact on our vitality. Breath is the physical manifestation of lifeforce. Chanting has the potential to boost the circulatory and digestive systems. Funnily enough, when our energy is up, good restorative sleep is also more attainable.

Connection to the meaning of the mantras is also an important aspect of the potential to uplift and enliven us. Chanting with the additional layers of visualisation and connection with the meaning, the healing messages of the Vedas, helps to build a positive attitude to life.

When I chant I feel rejuvenated, it gives me energy and is uplifting. Attempting to put words around the potential of Vedic Chanting to energise and enliven our lifeforce is quite challenging. In Vedic times there was a greater level of the acceptance of mystery, and trust in the teacher. However, these days we are bombarded with pieces of information, we feel a pressing need to grapple with masses of data to try to understand everything.

Sometimes the best way to learn is through embracing an experience and seeing what flows from it. If we trust the mystery and are prepared to accept what comes, the benefits will arrive without us necessarily understanding how. I believe that sometimes it is good to allow a little mystery in our lives.