This week I’d like to talk to you about the healing benefits chanting brings to your physical health.  Vedic chanting is an holistic practice which affects our whole system and can bring change physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Just as everyone is unique, so each person will respond differently to chanting according to their own physical constitution. However, we do all have some things in common, in that our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. This means when we chant, the vibrations resonate internally and can shift stuck patterns in our body, loosening tight areas.

Also, because chanting uses our exhale breath, it activates the abdominal region of the body, and this helps to remove blockages and impurities in that area.

I mentioned last week correct pronunciation is important, but there is more to enjoy from this precision.  Generating the specific sounds of the Sanskrit language means using different points of articulation. This creates oral dexterity and requires movement of the jaw, which relieves tightness from jaw muscles. These actions all contribute to greater clarity when speaking and the easing of tension and headaches.

Whenever we sit to chant, we become aware of where we are in that moment. We notice our breath, the strength of our voice, and our energy levels. We can then use this knowledge to manage ourselves through the day to minimise stress and utilise our energy more effectively.

Here is a simple practice to try for yourself. Make the sound of each chakra, placing your hands in the vicinity of the chakra, while also visualising that chakra point.  Begin each point by chanting Om which is the sound of the universe, the sacred sound of creation, and then chant the seed sound for each chakra as I’ve described below:

·       Base chakra, base of spine, chant Om lam – pronounced lum.

·       Sacral chakra, lower abdomen – below navel, chant Om vam (vum).

·       Solar plexus chakra, upper abdomen – above navel, chant Om ram – (rum).

·       Heart chakra, centre of the chest, chant Om yam (yum).

·       Throat chakra, the throat, chant Om ham (hum). Repeat this a few times and then sit quietly to observe your body.

The physical benefits of chanting are many , including better sleep, improved digestion, stability, growth, strength, warmth, inner glow. As my students say, chanting is enlivening and nourishing.

Next week I will discuss the benefits of Vedic Chanting for the energetic system.