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Please email Debby at debbybadger336@gmail.com to register your interest for Vedic Chant Teacher Training.

The current Program has been delayed for one and a half years due to Covid-19 restrictions and will be complete in 2023. 

The Prospectus for Vedic Chant Teacher Training (VCTT)  is below:

Click to access VCTT-2021-2023-PROSPECTUS-merged.pdf

Any queries please call Debby – 0413 310 657 or email.

Vedic Chant Teacher Training is conducted in Melbourne 


  • I consider this course to be of the highest quality training I have ever done.   Leanne Davies,  President Yoga Australia
  • Amazing organization, holding of space and course.  Rebecca Kuntz, Yoga Teacher
  • The extra care and time spent to make me feel more at ease during āsana practice was appreciated. Thank you.  Nina Monger, Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you for your hard work, love and commitment to teach us Vedic chanting. It all shows, no effort is wasted.  Amanda Owen, Yoga Therapist
  • I enjoyed the clarity of your teaching, the refinement of words and sounds, the next stage of Sanskrit and the cohesiveness of the group.  Sally Riddell, Yoga Therapist
  • It is clear, concise and organized. The way you are teaching the Sanskrit is great, you have got us all, even me, interested.  Dael Hunter, Yoga Therapist, iRest Teacher
  • For me this is purely joyful, it lifts and inspires me, and like you, I am no longer prepared not to be joyful.  Annie Holdsworth, Retired University Lecturer
  • I love the premises, the beautiful students and the clarity of the teaching.  Tereasa Spencer, Yoga Teacher
  • Our VCTT is the most special and absorbing course I have ever done. I love it.  Chris Beckingsale, Yoga Teacher
  • The space is held for everyone to feel safe to have a go, to embrace learning from making mistakes and to deepen a love of this incredible practice. Inspiring.  Helen Heppingstone, Yoga Teacher
  • I enjoyed the structure/variety of the course. The atmosphere was not too formal, the surroundings pleasant, and the camaraderie of the group.  Libby Stewart, Yoga Therapist
  • I enjoyed listening to others chant when we split into two groups, the prāṇāyāma practices and the deepening connections with saṅga (group)  Morag Local, Yoga Therapist.
  • The course has been well structured and the teaching of it is exemplary. I deeply appreciate and value the opportunity of learning authentic Vedic chanting in the beautiful environment at Indi House.  Anna Nolan, Yoga Therapist, Editor.