Hello, my name is Debby Badger. I am a Vedic Chant teacher in Australia.

Chanting is enchanting. Real life transformations come from this ancient and sacred practice.

I’ve decided to begin this weekly Substack practice to create a greater awareness of Vedic Chanting and the benefits it brings to peoples lives.

I have a passion for Vedic Chanting that I’d like to share with you. What is Vedic Chanting? It is chanting the mantras of the Vedas, which are the foundation of all philosophy in India. The Vedas contain wisdom and knowledge about many aspects of life. The language is Sanskrit, which is said to be the language of the divine, or the voice of god. These mantras have been passed down through the generations for thousands of years via oral transmission from guru to disciple, from teacher to student, and it is from this tradition that I teach people to chant today.

Learning to chant in sanskrit requires full concentration. What happens when your mind is totally focused on one thing? Your mind becomes calm when you reduce the number of things it has to focus on. As you learn to pronounce the sanskrit sounds, you learn the different notes for chanting and you begin to expand your breath, all other distractions and thoughts are put aside. From the very first chanting class students have attended with me, they have noticed a difference.

To begin using your voice here is something you can try at home.  Sit quietly and breathe in, then hum for as long as you can to replace your exhale. Relax your body and allow the vibration to resonate through your whole body. Students often report they have more energy and feel clearer in their mind. Chanting really is enchanting.