5th Australasian Sanskrit Conference 2-3 Dec 2023

Debby presented at the 5th Australasian Sanskrit Conference in Dec 2023.


Yoga Sūtra Studies & Vedic Chant Seminars and Retreats

Debby will post here all the events she is conducting as they arise.

Would you like to learn Vedic Chanting with our friends or colleagues? Events can be tailored specifically to you and topics you select eg. Chanting the Yoga Sutras, specific mantras or movement with sound.

Past Events

Natasha Dalton Mother, Osteopath and dedicated student, Ocean Grove, Victoria
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Chanting has been my antidote to fear, anxiety, lung issues, and lack of self confidence. Vedic mantras truly hold a vibrational magic that has to be experienced. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Vedic Chanting teacher, Debby Badger. Debby is a brilliant teacher, with strong foundations, experience and expertise. She has a deep love for chanting and a special gift that she shares openly and from her heart.
Carolyn ClarkeYoga Teacher & Remedial Massage Therapist, Venus Bay Victoria
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Vedic Chanting is a beautiful practice to bring myself into the present moment when my mind gets overactive or life feels a bit overwhelming. Learning the Sanskrit also stimulates my brain and I love how the chants keep resonating within me throughout the day. And, Debby's teaching is wonderful. She is such a warm and grounded teacher; so attentive, so patient and so clear in her instructions and delivery of the chants.
Morag LocalYoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Applecross Yoga Centre, Applecross W.A.
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Vedic Chanting brings joy to my heart, focus to my mind and expansion to my breath. Although I had been learning Vedic Chant for about 10 years, the progress I have made since committing to regular online classes with Debby in 2016 is huge. Even my students have noticed and commented on the improvement. Debby is a wonderful teacher, precise, encouraging and inspiring. I love my chant sessions!
Clare Larman Actor, Melbourne Victoria
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I attended a workshop that Debby ran one afternoon in a beautiful garden about eight years ago. The energy and atmosphere resonated really powerfully with me. ....THEN we started chanting!!.. and I knew I had to sign up for Debby's classes. I feel very grounded when I chant, I love the fact that I'm learning an ancient language. I find time as often as I can to chant in the morning, and find myself randomly chanting now familiar phrases throughout the day! Thanks for offering this opportunity to expand.
Liv MitchellYoga Teacher, Melbourne, Victoria
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As a beginner, I have enjoyed Debby’s Vedic chant teachings over the past three years. What a warm, welcoming inclusive experience it is. Debby is gently encouraging, tremendously patient and such a dedicated, learned teacher. I love the varied responses chanting brings from vitality and a clear mind to an even, peaceful hue.
McComas TaylorAssociate Professor, Australian National University, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Debby is a born teacher. Her happy, confident disposition illuminates everything she does, and she instantly connects with her students. From my very first class with Debby I noticed an improvement in my breathing technique.
Sally RIddellYoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Perth W.A.
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Debby is my chant teacher. I hear from Debby things that I simply don’t hear from other teachers. It’s not that they don’t say the same or similar things but I hear it from Debby. She is precise, clear and inspiring with her teaching. Her attention to detail is transmitted with grace and integrity. In a nutshell, she is a fabulous teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Robyn HenwoodYoga Therapist, Adelaide
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My husband made a comment after my chant class that my chanting was much improved, more natural and flowing and authentic. Thank you for helping me.