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TKV DESIKACHAR says “Just do it, something will happen

Introduction to Vedic Chanting          cost $75 covers all classes (6 hours) and copies of mantras taught

These classes offer an introduction to the Vedas, the Vedic Chanting rules, mantras taught by call and response, a brief explanation of Sanskrit alphabet and initial grammar, and you will learn mantras for health and healing.  The introductory classes are recommended to create a strong foundation before joining the regular group chanting class.

Introduction to Vedic Chanting class dates:

Dates: next series of 4 classes will be in March/April 2020 (exact dates will be posted shortly)

For future Introduction to Vedic Chanting Series please register your interest by email with Debby at debbybadger336@gmail.com 


Group Chanting               $20 per class                   6.45 – 8.15 pm    alternate Wednesdays             1 hour 30 min class

Regular Group Chanting classes explore Vedic Mantras for holistic well-being.  You will experience all the benefits chanting offers; mental clarity, improved focus and listening skills, enhanced breathing capacity; you will improve your chanting, gain confidence and inner strength.  Group Chanting classes are open to those with chanting experience, or to those who have completed the course of introductory classes.  This class is purely a chanting session, and is taught by call and response.

A commitment to regular attendance is desirable as the benefits of chanting will come with continued practice.


Bookings are essential for all classes/events            Contact Debby on 0413 310 657 or debbybadger336@gmail.com

Vedic Chant  Seminars and Retreats                 See Events page of this website for details of the next chanting event

Regular seminars/retreats are designed to share the benefits of chanting the powerful mantras of the Vedas to create health and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

These events will give you:

  • an introduction to vedic chanting and correct sanskrit pronunciation
  • the benefits of vedic chanting for the whole system
  • an opportunity to learn to chant by call and response
  • experience of gentle meditative practices linking sound and movement
  • an appreciation of the deeper meanings of the mantras

These events are generally suitable for everyone interested to learn.

Personal  Vedic Chanting Instruction                       $55 per session                              50 minute classes by appointment

Debby offers private, one to one, classes for students who are keen to refine and improve their chanting, deepen their experience of Vedic Chanting and gain confidence in their own voice.  The powerful effect of Vedic Mantras is experienced through correct pronunciation of the sanskrit sounds,  understanding the profound meanings and, with practice and time, memorising the mantras.

These classes can be face to face (in person) or via Skype or Facetime (for interstate or international students).

A 50% fee will be charged for classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Yoga Classes for 2019                                                                                                                                        $20 per class

Yoga to increase flexibility and restore energy                                                                          7.15-8.30am  Wednesdays

This class is suitable for all, from beginners to more experienced yoga students.  The carefully prepared classes will allow time to enable you to settle in, and offer a gentle warm up, sequences and individual postures designed to increase flexibility and strength within your own personal capacity.  We are all unique and our practice needs to reflect how we are each time we come to yoga.  The class may include simple sounds to enhance the effects of the breath/energy with movement.  Every class will include an opportunity to completely relax.  Students will feel calm and be re-energised by these breath centered yoga classes.

Yoga for strength and flexibility with Lance Coughlin                             6.00-7.00 pm Tuesdays and 9.30-10.30 am Saturdays

Yoga for every body with Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews                                               9.30-10.45am Fridays

Bookings for all classes are essential – by text or email


Bookings are essential for all classes                                  Contact Debby on 0413 310 657 or debbybadger336@gmail.com



Learning Vedic Chanting is open to all.  Students of chanting come from a variety of backgrounds, people without yoga experience, yoga students and teachers.  Anyone can benefit from the healing sound of Vedic mantras.  Chanting classes are conducted seated, either on the floor or on a chair.  It is important to feel comfortable so that the focus is only on the mantras.


Debby is my chant teacher. I hear from Debby things that I simply don’t hear from other teachers. It’s not that they don’t say the same or similar things but I hear it from Debby. She is precise, clear and inspiring with her teaching. Her attention to detail is transmitted with grace and integrity. In a nutshell, she is a fabulous teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sally Riddell, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Perth W.A.

“The benefits of chanting include the protection and cleansing of sense organs, the attainment of knowledge, lightness of body and freedom from doubts.”

Health Healing & Beyond by  Sri TKV Desikachar