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VEDIC CHANT TEACHER TRAINING has been postponed due to Covid19 and we hope to commence in June 2021. 

Please email Debby at debbybadger336@gmail.com to register your interest for Vedic Chant Teacher Training.

To view the Prospectus for the next Vedic Chant Teacher Training (VCTT) commencing in June 2020 click the link below:

 VCTT Prospectus 2020-2022

To download the Application and Financial Agreement forms click the link below: 

VCTT 2020-2022 Application Form



To apply to join the next intake for Vedic Chant Teacher Training, please complete the Application Form and Financial Commitment Agreement and submit it by email to Debby @ debbybadger336@gmail.com for approval. Any queries please call Debby – 0413 310 657 or email.

Vedic Chant Teacher Training will be conducted in Melbourne beginning in June 2020.  The program consists of four modules: June 10-21, 2020, February 17-28, 2021, June 16-27, 2021 and February 16-27, 2022.


  • I consider this course to be of the highest quality training I have ever done.   Leanne Davies,  President Yoga Australia
  • Amazing organization, holding of space and course.  Rebecca Kuntz, Yoga Teacher
  • The extra care and time spent to make me feel more at ease during āsana practice was appreciated. Thank you.  Nina Monger, Yoga Teacher
  • Thank you for your hard work, love and commitment to teach us Vedic chanting. It all shows, no effort is wasted.  Amanda Owen, Yoga Therapist
  • I enjoyed the clarity of your teaching, the refinement of words and sounds, the next stage of Sanskrit and the cohesiveness of the group.  Sally Riddell, Yoga Therapist
  • It is clear, concise and organized. The way you are teaching the Sanskrit is great, you have got us all, even me, interested.  Dael Hunter, Yoga Therapist, iRest Teacher
  • For me this is purely joyful, it lifts and inspires me, and like you, I am no longer prepared not to be joyful.  Annie Holdsworth, Retired University Lecturer
  • I love the premises, the beautiful students and the clarity of the teaching.  Tereasa Spencer, Yoga Teacher
  • Our VCTT is the most special and absorbing course I have ever done. I love it.  Chris Beckingsale, Yoga Teacher
  • The space is held for everyone to feel safe to have a go, to embrace learning from making mistakes and to deepen a love of this incredible practice. Inspiring.  Helen Heppingstone, Yoga Teacher
  • I enjoyed the structure/variety of the course. The atmosphere was not too formal, the surroundings pleasant, and the camaraderie of the group.  Libby Stewart, Yoga Therapist
  • I enjoyed listening to others chant when we split into two groups, the prāṇāyāma practices and the deepening connections with saṅga (group)  Morag Local, Yoga Therapist.
  • The course has been well structured and the teaching of it is exemplary. I deeply appreciate and value the opportunity of learning authentic Vedic chanting in the beautiful environment at Indi House.  Anna Nolan, Yoga Therapist, Editor.