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I am dedicated to teaching Vedic Chanting and want to guide others on the journey of learning to chant.  I seek to gently encourage students to be comfortable with sound and to experience the healing benefits of chanting. I am a passionate believer in the benefits of Vedic Chanting and bring to my teaching a deep understanding and faith in the capacity of human beings to grow and change. I am committed to continuing this tradition as it has been passed on from teacher to student for generations through oral transmission.

As a student of yoga for twenty years, and a yoga teacher since 2009, Vedic Chanting is now an important part of my daily practice. The importance of chanting became evident to me through the teachings of yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.  Sri TKV Desikachar was a student of his father, Professor T Krishnamacharya, for more than thirty years and brought chanting to millions of students throughout the world for health and healing. My teachers, Barbara Brian and Radha Sundararajan, have been long term students of Sri TKV Desikachar, and his influence has been passed on to me through them.

Desikachar believed in the importance of the relationship between teacher and student for the healing process. Chanting is still taught by call and response from teacher to student as established thousands of years ago. The teacher recites and the student listens with great attention , then the student repeats and is listened to by the teacher.  It is the listening and being listened to that creates a powerful healing effect.  Something unique happens when a student learns to chant with a teacher in this way.

In the words of Sri TKV Desikachar, “Chanting connects us to our heart”.


  • Yoga Teacher (teachings of Krishnamacharya) 500 hours – Agama Yoga Centre, Melbourne 2006-2009 with Barbara Brian as my mentor. Barbara was a student of Sri TKV Desikachar for 20 years.
  • Since 2005 I have attended many seminars, both in Australia and India, with the Desikachar family and other KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation) teachers.
  • Vedic Chanting Teacher – Chennai, India 2013/2014  My mentor Radha Sundararajan also a student of Sri TKV Desikachar for 25 years.
  • Sanskrit language at Australian National University 2015/2016.
  • Continuing studies with my mentor Radha Sundararajan.

“my husband made a comment after my chant class that my chanting was much improved, more natural and flowing and authentic. Thank you for helping me.”

Robyn Henwood, Yoga Therapist, Adelaide

As a beginner, I have enjoyed Debby’s Vedic chant teachings over the past three years. What a warm, welcoming inclusive experience it is. Debby is gently encouraging, tremendously patient and such a dedicated, learned teacher. I love the varied responses chanting brings from vitality and a clear mind to an even, peaceful hue.

Liv Mitchell, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne


I have known Debby Badger as a teacher trainee, a graduate and now a colleague teaching Vedic Chant at Agama Yoga Centre in the many and varied rituals, celebrations and specific workshops that we run.  We receive very positive feedbck from her various Vedic Chant contributions, testimonials to her skill, dedication, precision and her commitment in learning and sharing the gifts of Vedic Chant.

Barbara J. Brian , Founder/Director, Agama Yoga Centre, Melbourne.