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Yoga Sutra Study – Chapter Two

Demystify the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras

A Practical Guide

These online classes will be run on two consecutive days – 

10th & 11th February, 2021

Part One – Only when we know we are suffering can we do something to change it – knowledge is power – the journey of life from suffering to no suffering.

Part Two – The benefits of the practice of Yoga of Action – Steps to a calm clear mind and freedom – the goal of yoga

DATES: PART ONE – 10th February & PART TWO – 11th February, 2021

TIMES: 3 – 4.30pm Melb time (check your time zone for local time)

COST: $80 This covers Part one and Part two

TO BOOK: email Debby at debbybadger336@gmail.com

Please Note ZOOM LINK & NOTES will be provided on booking

Would you like to learn Vedic Chanting with your friends or colleagues?

We offer workshops or classes for Vedic Chanting on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Vedas – the foundation of Indian philosophy
  • sanskrit alphabet and pronunciation
  • mantras for health and healing, to link with qualities eg. courage, compassion, inner strength, higher forces etc.
  • mantras with movement (āsana)
  • mantra as meditation and mindfulness
  • Yoga Sūtras

Events can be tailored specifically to you and topics you select.  The events may be hosted by you or alternatively held in our Brighton studio.

If you are interested please email Debby at debbybadger336@gmail.com to discuss your ideas/requirements.

I enjoyed the sound with asana practice with Debby, it is the type of practice I love and feel nurtured by.  Debby has a very calm, nurturing and relaxed nature which makes you feel at ease learning something new.

Deb Ellis, Yoga Teacher, Vedic Chant Teacher Trainee 

Debby is highly skilled and friendly, she is a good teacher as she is encouraging and a beautiful person all round. This was the best retreat ever.

Emma Langton-Bunker, Lawyer, Melbourne

Vedic Chanting brings joy to my heart, focus to my mind and expansion to my breath.  Although I have been learning Vedic Chant for about 10 years, the progress I have made since committing to regular Skype classes with Debby two years ago, is huge.  Even my students have noticed and commented on the improvement.

Debby is a wonderful teacher, precise, encouraging and inspiring.     I love my chant sessions!

Morag Local, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Applecross, W.A.


I attended a workshop that Debby ran one afternoon in a beautiful garden about a year ago, and the energy and atmosphere resonated really powerfully with me. ….THEN we started chanting!!.. and I knew I had to sign up for Debby’s classes. I feel very grounded when I attend, love the fact that I’m learning an ancient language, find time as often as I can to chant in the morning, and find myself randomly chanting now familiar phrases throughout the day! Thanks for offering this opportunity to expand.

Clare Larman, Writer and Performer, Melbourne, Victoria